Help Build Dreams: Morocco Earthquake School Initiative

On the evening of Friday, September 8th, 2023, as families were settling down for the night in the tranquil landscapes of villages outside of Marrakesh, Morocco, the ground beneath them revolted. The tremors didn’t just disrupt the calm of the night but also the futures of many. In the aftermath, the heart of many villages, their beloved schools – lay in ruins. Morocco experienced its most devastating earthquake, affecting over 300,000 people, with initial reports indicating around 100,000 children impacted.

Crafting Love and Hope was founded with the mission to empower youth through education. Historically, we’ve championed STEM education for girls in Moroccan villages. Now in the aftermath of the earthquake, our calling has expanded: to provide a sanctuary, a school, where all youth can rebuild their dreams and futures. 

🏫 Why a school? Because education isn’t just about learning to read or write. It’s the sanctuary where dreams are nurtured, resilience is built, and futures are forged.

Our Goal: $50,000 by September 30th, 2023

Together, we can turn this dream into reality. 


Every Child deserves a safe space to learn and dream. The children of many villages have their sanctuary taken away in a moment. But with your help, we can rebuild not just walls and blackboards, but futures. 

Dream Igniter

{$50} Spark the spirit of learning with essential supplies, lighting the path for a student’s journey.

Hope's Foundation

{$100} Lay the groundwork of belief, creating spaces where aspirations take flight.


Horizon Expander

{$500} Shape the walls and windows where youth eyes will look out and envision boundless possiilities.  

Architect of Dreams

{$1000} Illuminate the path for generations, ensuring every corner of the school shines with promise and potential.


How We Will Lead This Project

1. Visionary Leadership: Crafting Love and Hope boasts a history of empowering Moroccan communities. With our heritage of successfully organizing STEM summer camps for girls in various villages, we’re deeply rooted in the educational fabric of Morocco and prepared to spearhead this significant initiative.

2. Local Collaboration: Our approach is community-first. By partnering with local leaders, educators, and stakeholders in Marrakesh and neighboring regions, we aim to ensure the school we build resonates with the unique needs and aspirations of its future students.

3. Expertise Partnership: In our pursuit of maximum impact, we are exploring collaborations with globally recognized organizations that align with our vision. These potential partners bring with them vast expertise in school construction, education quality enhancement, and community engagement. By merging our grassroots insights with their specialized experience, we aim to forge a comprehensive educational journey for the children impacted by the earthquake.

4. Transparent Progress Reporting: Our promise is consistent transparency. Donors can anticipate regular, detailed updates covering construction timelines, community involvement, and fund allocation. Visuals, including photos and videos, will offer a tangible glimpse of the ongoing progress.

5. Community Involvement Beyond Construction: The school is more than bricks and mortar—it’s a living entity. Thus, we’ll be organizing workshops, feedback sessions, and training programs to ensure the community remains an active participant in shaping the institution’s future.

6. Assembling a Skilled Project Team: While we are in the initial stages of this endeavor, the formation of a dedicated team remains a priority. We plan to bring together a mix of local experts and international advisors, all passionate about creating an educational haven for Morocco’s children.

7. Commitment to Sustainable Practices: Every step, from the initial blueprint to the final brick, will be characterized by eco-friendly considerations. Our goal is a long-lasting institution that stands as a testament to sustainable construction.

8. Post-Completion Dedication: Our commitment extends beyond the school’s inauguration. With plans for continuous teacher training, curriculum development, and infrastructural upkeep, we’re ensuring the school remains a beacon of hope for years to come.



Every penny carries with it a hope, a dream, and a promise of a better tomorrow. 

Thank you for your generous contribution towards building a brighter future in the rural areas devastated by the recent earthquake on September 8th, 2023. Together let’s make a lasting impact by constructing a new school that will provide education and hope to the affected communities. Your support plays a vital role in bringing positive change and creating opportunities for the children in need. Join Hands as we pave the wa for a better tomorrow through education and empowerement. 

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