When you invest in a woman, you impact her, her children, her community and the world

Health Empowerment through Workshops and Trainings


Economic Empowerment through Livelihood Skills and Business Training


Promotion of Gender Equality through Events and Classes


Health Empowerment

CLH focuses on the holistic wellbeing of women and offers free aerobics, fitness, and meditation classes in addition to providing health workshops to address health topics that are often considered taboo in local culture.

Economic Empowerment

Our One Stitch at a Time training program equips women with the skills necessary to become income-generating artisans, including product design and entrepreneurship skills, as well as technology training to keep up with current market trends. CLH works with the Nahdate al Hay Association in Salé to run our women’s training program that enables women to become artisans and entrepreneurs through the manufacturing and sale of environmentally – and socially – responsible products.

Gender Advocacy

Our curriculum empowers each woman with knowledge to become the teacher/expert in her community. Morocco is 123 on the UN Gender Inequality Index. We help women build the self-confidence to address gender issues and the capacity to become agents of change in the classroom, on the street, or with their families.

Feminism isn't about making women strong. Women are already strong. It's about changing the way the world perceives that strength

G.D. Anderson